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When constructing a pedigree chart for genealogy, which set of?

I am not adopted but my daughter was adopted by my husband. The program I use allows me to add multiple parents to a single person with the explanation for how they are her parent. She shows up twice in the family tree, both as the daughter of her biological father and as the adopted daughter of my husband. She is also listed as the home person in my tree and the tree defaults to show her biological parents, even though I prefer to see me next to my husband instead of my ex-husband, so I tend to show the tree with my husband. But that's my preference. I looked up pedigree chart because I recognized that pedigree generally refers to genetics and I wanted to make sure I understood what the chart was supposed to show. My hunch was correct that pedigree charts are related to genetics and phenotypes, which to me means that the biological parents should be shown in a pedigree chart. However, I don't think, in this situation, that you have to do it a certain way. It is your chart and who you show in it should be who you want to show. If you want to honor both families and you're actually planning to print and display the chart (which is the only reason I can think of that would make this important), make two charts. No one says you can't.

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