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Hi everyone and welcome back to 5-minute familysearch so in this video let's show you how to look at your 9 generation pedigree chart so I'm just going to scroll down until I see this 9 generation and I'm just going to go ahead and click on it and then I will come down to the bottom of the screen and I'm going to say create chart so there is a 4 generation this is a 9 generation you can leave yourself as the center or you can go ahead and put in a different start person and you can go ahead and look at the generations so I did pull it down you can see at the top I can print it I can download it down here you'll see the plus and minus I can't increase it to make it bigger so we can look at it a little bit easier but it is nice to come in and you can see where the information is missing in this pedigree chart and you can also see what is filled in but again you can change that starting person you can leave it with yourself and you can go out the 9 generations and you can print this off and start filling in the information of the family members that needed to be added into your family tree.

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